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The AGD strongly recommends that a dentist or hygienist perform a dental cleaning every six months to improve your oral health. This professional dental cleaning reinforces the home-care oral health regimen of brushing and flossing and gives Dr. Sager an opportunity to locate areas in the mouth that may need special attention.

People who regularly practice good oral hygiene at home with proper brushing and flossing techniques typically do not experience discomfort during a cleaning. However, those who have neglected their oral hygiene habits may experience some discomfort or sensitivity during a dental cleaning. We can use a topical anesthetic before the cleaning to alleviate any discomfort. During a dental cleaning, you’ll receive diagnostic and preventive services from Dr. Sager as well as any needed educational information.

Diagnostic services may include:

  • Reviewing and updating medical history, including information about heart problems, pregnancy, diabetes and medications, which may have an impact on your oral health
  • Oral cancer examination and screening
  • Evaluation of gum tissue
  • Checking biting, chewing and swallowing patterns
  • X-rays or examination of teeth to detect decay
  • Referral to specialists for specific treatment

Preventive services may include:

  • Removal of plaque and tartar
  • Stain removal
  • Fluoride application
  • Polishing teeth, including fillings and crowns
  • Cleaning and adjustment of dentures and partial dentures

Educational services may include:

  • Tooth brushing and flossing instructions
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Recommendations for future treatment: when to return for follow-up hygiene treatment, periodontal (gum) concerns or restorative options
  • Evaluation of self-care effectiveness
  • Tobacco-cessation counseling


Regular Dental Exams are an important part of preventive health care. During a dental exam, one of our hygienists will clean your teeth and identify gum inflammation or bone loss. Dr. Sager

will evaluate your risk of developing tooth decay and other oral health problems, as well as check your face, neck and mouth for abnormalities. A dental exam might also include dental X-rays or other diagnostic procedures.

During a dental exam, we will likely discuss your diet and oral hygiene habits and might demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques. A dental exam also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about your oral health. Other topics for discussion during a dental exam might include:

  • Any medications you’re taking that could affect your oral health
  • Use of tobacco products
  • Consequences of tooth loss
  • Benefits of crowns, fixed bridges or dental implants
  • Use of dentures
  • Cosmetic procedures


Regular dental exams are an important part of preventive health care. During a dental exam for children, one of our hygienists will clean your child's teeth and evaluate your child's risk of tooth decay. A dental exam for children by Dr. Sager might include application of various protective measures — such as sealants or fluoride treatments — to reduce the risk of decay. A dental exam for children might also include dental X-rays or other diagnostic procedures.

During a dental exam for children, Dr. Sager will likely discuss your child's diet and oral hygiene habits and demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques. Other topics for discussion during a dental exam for children might include preventing oral injuries or, for adolescents, the health risks associated with tobacco, substance abuse and oral piercings.


Fluoride Therapy is the delivery of fluoride to the teeth topically or systemically in order to prevent tooth decay (dental caries) which results in cavities. Most commonly, fluoride is applied topically to the teeth using gels, varnishes, toothpaste/dentifrices or mouth rinse. Systemic delivery involves fluoride supplementation using water, salt, tablets or drops which are swallowed.

Where does Fluoride come from to help strengthen my teeth?

Fluoride can strengthen your teeth in two ways — from the outside or from the inside. Your teeth absorb fluoride through several ways shown below:

  • Fluoride treatments at the dental office
  • Fluoridated water and drinks made with fluoride
  • Brush with fluoride toothpaste or use a fluoride rinse
  • Prescription fluoride supplements
  • Fluoridated water washes over your teeth as you drink
  • Small amounts of fluoride in food

Mouthguard or Biteguard

A Mouthguard (mouth protector, mouth piece, gumshield, gumguard, nightguard, occlusal splint, bite splint, bite plane) is a protective device for the mouth that covers the teeth and gums to prevent and reduce injury to the teeth, arches, lips and gums. A mouthguard is most often used to prevent injury in contact sports. Mouthguards are also used in the treatment of bruxism or TMD, or as part of certain dental procedures, such as tooth bleaching. If you want to protect your smile and unlock the power of the jaw to help unleash your full potential as an athlete, safely, please talk to Dr. Sager about a custom fit Under Armour ArmourBite® Mouthguard. Get the same fit, flair and functionality as the pros to reduce the impact from blows to your jaw – in less than 30 painless minutes with Dr. Sager. The UA ArmourBite Mouthguard is perfect for contact sports like football, lacrosse, hockey and wrestling. Dr. Sager also provides custom fitting of UA Mouthpieces for limited contact sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball and skiing. Sager Dental Group is the only authorized provider of UA Performance Mouthwear in Bozeman!

Sager Dental Group is the only authorized provider of UA Performance Mouthwear in Bozeman
  • Ultimate dental fit and comfort, even over braces!
  • Custom colors
  • Personalization options
  • Strapped version available
  • Can easily talk without removing the mouthguard
  • $32,000 Dental Warranty included
Sager Dental Group is the only authorized provider of UA Performance Mouthwear in Bozeman


Dental Sealants are a dental treatment consisting of applying a plastic material to one or more teeth, for the intended purpose of preventing dental caries (cavities) or other forms of tooth decay. Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that are applied to the grooves on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to protect them from tooth decay. Most tooth decay in children and teens occurs on these surfaces.


Dental Radiographs (commonly referred to as X-ray films, or informally, X-rays) are pictures of the teeth, bones, and surrounding soft tissues to screen for and help identify problems with the teeth, mouth, and jaw. X-ray pictures can show cavities, cancerous or benign masses, hidden dental structures (such as wisdom teeth), and bone loss that cannot be seen during a visual examination. Dental X-rays may also be done as follow-up after dental treatments.

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